This section gathers the most relevant Projects of the last 10 years with the participation of Divisione Tecnologie e metodologie per la salvaguardia della salute.

35 Projects are currently available, most of which are/were funded by EU Programmes.

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Title Funding Framework Programme Date Start End Date Project Manager
Partnership for european research in radiation protection and detection of ionising radiation: towards a safer use and improved protection of the environment and human health.
EU Programmes Altri Programmi Jun 2022 May 2027 Simonetta Pazzaglia
Laboratory Biomedical Technologies
Scientific-Based Exposure and Risk Assessment of Radiofrequency and mm-Wave Systems from children to elderly (5G and Beyond)
EU Programmes HORIZON Europe Jun 2022 May 2025 Maria Teresa Mancuso
Laboratory Biomedical Technologies
Regeneration of injured spinal cord by electro pulsed bio-hybrid approach
EU Programmes HORIZON 2020 May 2021 Oct 2024 Claudia Consales
Laboratory Health and Environment
Novel biological and physical methods for triage in radiological and nuclear (R/N) emergencies
Other international Programmes NATO-SPS Oct 2020 Oct 2023 Antonella Federica Testa
Laboratory Health and Environment
Dosimetria di un nuovo trattamento rTMS in colture 3D della malattia di Alzheimer per l’identificazione di marcatori di efficacia terapeutica
Regional Programmes POR Apr 2021 Apr 2023 Caterina Merla
Laboratory Biomedical Technologies
Plant virus nanoparticles for blood-brain barrier crossing and medulloblastoma targeting
Other Programmes AIRC Jan 2018 Jan 2023 Maria Teresa Mancuso
Laboratory Biomedical Technologies
Indagine, tramite questionario, sulle correlazioni tra le reazioni avverse post-vaccinali al vaccino anti Covid-19 e le abitudini alimentari, lo stile di vita e l'anamnesi personale e familiare
Other Programmes ENEA Jun 2021 Dec 2022 Fiorella Carnevali
Laboratory Biomedical Technologies